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Data privacy statement

Your data privacy is important for me. Thus I do not collect any data on this page.

  1. This is a static web page. There is no persistent collection of any privacy releated data and thus no data is evaluated.
  2. No cookies are generated or collected.
  3. All links are only active on click. Clicking thus will result in visiting other web pages outside of this presentation. I cannot be held realiable regarding things that may happen on this other system. Things may have changed there since I last visited. Please contact me in case of problems.
  4. There is no commercial background, this a pure private homepage.
  5. If in doubt please contact the contact person as stated at Contact
  6. My web provider itself is creating statistics and offers them to me. These statistics container referer information, top level domains and used browser. No personal data is collected. IP addresses and hostnames accessing the web page are anonymized.
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